Chain Association Method

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There are many memory techniques to help you remember. Chain Association Method is a basic mnemonic technique. It is the alphabet memory technique which is based on memorizing and selected information in a strict order. It uses series of associations, thanks to which successive elements are put together. 


This, one of many learning method, is based on the basic memorization principles, namely the images and associations. Using it, subsequent units of information are combined in one series, a chain of associations. The first and last element of the sequence of words, events or things should be so-called "reminders" that is such an element that will fit a chain of associations to the context. In this way you will know what our chain is related to.

In order to Chain Associations Method be effective, it should be applied as follows:
1.Pick a list of items to remember (such as a shopping list).
2.The first thing need to be associated with a whole series. In case of shopping list it can be for example a supermarket and a bazaar.
3.Next subsequent stories need to be created, starting with basing element and ending with final element, which also should be associated with the first one (thanks to it we are able to recall the series backwards). We combine every word in this way, every thing and every event with the next link in our chain association.
4.Repeat, recall a few times our string.

Remember that our associations should be exaggerated (giant or miniaturized), absurd (unusual), dynamic (sudden events), and just our own, original. It is also worth to use symbols to replace key words, such as heart = love, picture = art, bulb = idea.

Chain association can be used to store shopping lists, speeches, oral examinations, papers, poems, the content of the lecture, a book or film, notes, schedules, timetables, etc. Thanks to this mnemonic there is no need to read the paper, combining specific key words or points . Speaking straight from the head surprises the audience. In addition it forces to practice imagination, thereby improves memory. Chain association must be practiced every day, adding the number of components and simultaneously reducing the time to remember them. Mastering this technique guarantees the free usage of more advanced and useful learning methods.