Mind maps

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One of the technique of reproduction the efficiency of the brain and memory efficiency is the so-called mind mapping. With this method you will learn to create effective notes helpful in, for example planning public speeches or memorizing some new project at work.

What is a mind map?

Mind map is an innovative way of portraying selected issues, which speeds up the work, facilitates learning and memory. To create this type of map the drawings and short key words are used. It must be colorful, transparent, and also paying attention to the most important things for its creator.

This method was developed by two Brits, Tony and Barry Buzan. According to them when we take notes in the traditional way, we activate only the left hemisphere of our brain, which is responsible for logical thinking, words, numbers and analysis. By using symbols, drawings and three-dimensional effects, we activate also the right hemisphere, responsible for the rhythm, imagination, colors and space perception. Mind mapping stimulates for action both hemispheres of the brain, which then are synergistically cooperating . This method refers to the basic functions of the brain and to a similar method of making notes used by children.

mind maps

Thanks to the map we are raising the efficiency of our work, the process of learning and memory are simpler, faster and more enjoyable.

How to create a mind map?

To create effective mind maps, you must adhere to several rules:
1.Write clearly and use letters of different sizes.
2.Use associations, combining individual elements of the map, that you want to link, with arrows.
3.Use more than 3 colors.
4.Place the picture in the middle. The lines with the most relevant keywords (picture or word) should come off it. Than we create the subsequent lines of the less relevant information, and from them even further with a lower degree of validity.
5.Mind maps should have a radial structure.
6.The most important words should be highlighted or bold.
7.Only one word or one figure can be placed on one line.
8.Lines must have the same length as the words.

Mind maps can be created manually or using special computer programs such as FreeMind Map and Intellect.

Mind mapping application is wide and includes e.g.: storing scientific materials, presentations, read books and planning meetings. This method is used by students, lecturers, speakers, journalists, businessmen, announcers, researchers. Its most important advantage is that it is easy to repeat materials and the fact that notes are highly effective.