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Every day we are forced to absorb a number of new information. Some people need to remember words from English, other important dates, codes, passwords, or a shopping list. Each of us would like to master all the news easily, quickly and pleasantly. Fortunately, there are some memorization techniques that will facilitate the task.


Mnemonic technique (Greek "mneme" - the memory) includes the whole methods that help recalling and storing information. Its origin comes from ancient Greece, where the speakers and famous poets, using remarkable memory techniques, were able to recite from memory voluminous poems or enumerate every citizen of their country. It was then noticed that it is a lot easier to remember those information, which trigger associations or emotional reactions than the dry facts. Simonides of Ceos island is considered to be the creator of mnemonics.

Mnemonics are methods which not only facilitate the encoding, but also recalling the new information. Thanks to them we acquire knowledge permanently and we will be able to use it efficiently. We will also improve the functioning of our natural memory and improve skills required to remember (visualization, imagination, concentration, ability to associate).

The most important element of the rapid learning of new data is to create images in our imagination, and to associate them with what we know. It is best to visualize the same positive, vibrant, colorful, sensuous, exaggerated images or symbols rooted deeply in our subconscious (even those referring to sex).

Among mnemonic technique we can distinguish: Chain Method of Memorizing, Alphabetical Method, Roman Peace, Substitute Word, Numbers Substitute and Main Memory System. They are based on associative systems, grouping and subordination, the language abbreviations (acronyms), play on words, short poems, replacing words with numbers, with adequate number of letters and placing technique. All types of memory techniques use: context, association and imagination.

Memory techniques allow to increase the range and durability of our memory quickly and very easily. They can be used to memorize dates, names, passwords, lists, questions of biological science, spelling, foreign language vocabulary. Mnemonics help to meet the new challenges (at work, home, school) with great efficiency.